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  • On May 11 and 12, a committee of Tanzanian government officials met in Arusha to deliberate on specific measures for the reopening of tourism in the country. The purpose was to agree on what actions would be carried out to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in tourist activities where foreign personnel are served.

To guarantee the safety of tourists once in the country, Standard Operating Procedures have been developed, a guide on how to receive and serve tourists from the moment they arrive at the airport, during their stay in the country and up to now. in which they leave Tanzania. Some of the key issues that have been agreed are as follows:

People showing symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter. Various controls will be carried out, starting with those carried out by the airlines themselves.
Airport personnel must be COVID-19 free. Everyone should wear masks and gloves, as well as use disinfectants as directed. In addition, they must ensure that they observe the social distance of not less than one meter between the staff and the tourist.
Tourism activity providers will be regularly monitored to ensure they are not infected with the virus. In addition, all staff will have to wear masks and ensure that they keep at least one meter of distance between themselves and the tourist.
All tourist transport facilities, tourist accommodation and all other facilities used by tourists shall be cleaned and disinfected before and after service in an acceptable manner.
The measures they will take to protect both locals and tourists are in line with the WHO guidelines.

As you can see, Tanzania is getting ready for your visit. It is an essential destination for all those who love Africa and wild nature.


  • Tanzania registers, according to the latest data, 509 people confirmed with coronavirus.
  • It is necessary to correctly interpret these data to know that Tanzania, with 56,318,348 inhabitants, can be considered a country with a significant number of inhabitants, at the moment, the rate of confirmed coronavirus patients is 0.9 per hundred thousand inhabitants . It is among the countries with the lowest rate of confirmed patients in the world. At this time there are 21 people killed by coronavirus. In Tanzania in 2018, an average of 990 people died per day, a figure that this year could be increased by the number of deaths from coronavirus. The fatality rate (deaths compared to confirmed) is 4.13%


  • In Tanzania, the global pandemic is being experienced very differently from the rest of the world. The Tanzanian population has not been forced to maintain a home confinement that affects the entire country at any time during these harsh months of the pandemic. Only during the months of April and May 2020, months in which the majority of deaths were registered, were the population of the former capital of Tanzania, Darersalam, asked not to travel to the rest of the country’s regions, in order to contain the spread of the virus, since all registered cases were located in the capital. In addition, the city population was kept under house confinement for a week, recommending the use of a mask in case of being forced to leave.
    At present, the population is not obliged to use a mask, it does not have any time or movement restrictions. It could be said that in Tanzania the covid19 epidemic does not exist, if it were not for the extensive hygiene and safety measures used by all companies related to the tourism sector and that they make available to travelers who visit Tanzania, so all people who are in contact with tourism, restaurants, hotels, guides … must wear their mask. it is necessary to have a recent negative PCR test to enter the country.


  • The facilities of our office in Arusha are properly disinfected at the end of each day, following the protocol stipulated by the WHO.
  • In all our facilities, including our vehicles, we have hydroalcoholic gel or disinfectant soap for hands.
  • Health is the most important thing for us, for this reason all the members of Sueños de Africa Safari carry out PCR tests every month, as well as daily temperature controls, ensuring the safety of the staff, their families and our clients. We would like to highlight that none of our workers have been affected by covid19 so far.
  • The Sueños de Africa Safari team has carried out a certified course on security, hygiene and disinfection measures against the coronavirus, issued by TANAPA for companies in the tourism sector such as hotels, camps, travel agencies … etc.
  • All our safaris are private, it is one of the characteristics that defines Sueños de Africa Safari, so it will not be a problem when sharing a vehicle, as it happens with other travel agencies that operate mass tourism. All our vehicles are properly disinfected every change of travelers and our drivers are in charge of the maintenance of their vehicles and cleaning them daily.


  • Tanzania is ready to welcome tourism. Due to the current situation due to the pandemic, in different countries the borders have been closed and their inhabitants have been prohibited from traveling. This unlikely situation has caused a decline in tourism in the country, which is why now more than ever Tanzania has become the dream destination for nature lovers who seek to travel away from the tourist crowds. The most impressive national parks on the planet await you, take this unusual opportunity to visit them like you never could have done before. At Sueños de Africa Safari we help you plan the trip of a lifetime in a personalized way, taking care of every detail. Come and dream with us !! READ MORE ABOUT COVID IN TANZANIA …