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Welcome to Sueños de Africa

About us

The first time we visited Tanzania, several years ago, we knew it would not be our last trip. Its national parks, its light and the closeness of its people was what made us fell in love with this country of easy smile and warm gaze, that winked at us in an accomplice and friendly way, inviting us to live it like we never did before in any other place in the world. Under the watchful eye of Kilimanjaro, we enjoyed as children what was undoubtedly the best trip of our lives. When we returned home, when we were asked questions by family and friends, we understood that the words felt shallow, they were not enough to explain everything that Tanzania is and has given us. Because, how to explain the colors of a sunset in the savanna or how small did we feel admiring the great crater of Knorongoro? This was the reason that led us to undertake the adventure of Sueños de África. To make people experience Tanzania as we do. Approaching nature and its people, living it and making it yours, you will feel the need, like us, to protect this paradise in the center of Africa.

Who we are

A group of friends, a family, with the dream of helping people live the real Africa.

Our Mission

To offer our clients a luxurious and comfortable accommodation to feel like home in the very heart of Serengeti National Park.

Our Vision

To contribute to a more sustainable and healthy world, with more respectful population that cares about protecting the environment, wildlife and cultural diversity.

Why you should

Choose us for your safari experience

–We adapt the itinerary to your measure, with exclusive and personalized service.

–Our workers are professionals with many years of experience and knowledge of the country, its culture and wildlife.

–We are committed to ethics, the defense of human rights and the promotion of positive impacts on society and the environment.

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Our contribution to the planet

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  • Energy sustainable with solar panels
  • All appointments manufactured and/or bought in Tanzania (without pollution by importation and contributing to the local economy)
  • All plastic objects are made with recycled plastic
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  • Attenances purchased from local businesses
  • A percentage of the sales of our stores dedicated to Tanzanian humanitarian causes
  • Recycling of all waste
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